I will post some of my projects here.

PlayStation 4 Debugger
Look at my YouTube. I livestreamed a little bit of the debugger. This debugger is for the PlayStation 4 FreeBSD 9 kernel. The debugger loads a kernel ELF which installs some custom system calls and hooks some kernel functions. Then the debugger injects itself into the userland SceShellCore process. The debugger spins up an RPC server. I have made client libraries so people can write tools in C++ or C# to debug their PlayStation 4.

PlayStation 4 Kernel Patches
I wrote an entire set of patches for the PlayStation 4 kernel. These patches allow full access to anything on your console. The binary also includes an RPC server. The RPC server even supports injecting ELF files into other userland processes. All over the network. Take a look at the above playlist, all these modifications utilize this project.

PlayStation 4 Ghidra Loader
Still a work in progress. I want people to help make it really really nice!

Call Of Duty Ghosts Forge Mod

Source Code:
This is a simple mod I made in a day to test my userland ELF loader/injector. I made a mod just like this on Xbox 360 for Call Of Duty Modern Warefare II.

Xaomi M365

I have reversed engineered the entire M365 scooter. Yes. AND Yes the rumors are true, you can control the speed limit and hall sensor readings through software. No hardware limits. I never really saw this as a problem until people in the news started talking about it. I may have released a blog post on this...

PowerPC Decompiler

PowerPC Decompiler
I wrote a mini PowerPC decompiler before IDA Pro supported it.

I have done a lot of work on the MD380 digital radio and hacking the firmware on this radio. I wrote the entire flashing utility that every ham operator uses for updating the digital radio contact information and firmware. The github links to TYTFlashTool and dfulib was all written by me.

My last Xbox 360 Game Mod
An offhost aimbot for Black Ops 3. Written before the game even came out.

Old Xbox 360 Projects

I have done extensive research on the Xbox 360. I did lots of work on secure boot, glitching, and reverse engineering the hypervisor security system. I might post some stuff someday.