My name is John Fitzgerald. I am a software/hardware hacker. I have been interested in computer software and hardware since I was 12. I am now 19 years old and still love to program. I have spent years reverse engineering videos games and software. Caddy Shack and Hackers are two of my favorite movies. I consider the K&R C book my bible. My favorite assembly language is PowerPC, mainly because it's basically long hand C. I have rewritten the entire Xbox 360 hypervisor and bootloaders in C. I am a perfectionist and you can see it in everything I do. I love history, science, and the French people. I use to play hockey, lacrosse, and sometimes I golf. I've been a golf course caddy for 6 years and I don't plan on stopping. I take my caddying very serious, just like my programming.

Take a look at my Github. I can write code in any style, from what you might call Linux style and all the way to Microsoft style. Favorite tools include... tmux, nano, vim, Visual Studio Code, gcc, ld, as, git, make, AFL, 010 Editor, Calculator, IDA Pro, Ghidra, and most importantly - Spotify. I have extensive experience in C/C++, Java, Python, PowerPC, x86-64, ARM, PHP, HTML, and Javascript. I think it is great that the NSA brought F5 to the masses and I plan on contributing to Ghidra (firstly porting all my IDA scripts).

I am also interested in hardware reverse engineering and high speed electronic design. I like to reverse engineer things in general.