My name is John Fitzgerald. I am a software/hardware engineer/hacker. I have been interested in computer software and hardware since I was 12. I have spent years reverse engineering videos games and software. Caddy Shack and Hackers are two of my favorite movies. I consider the K&R C book my bible. My favorite assembly language is PowerPC, mainly because it's basically long hand C. I have rewritten the entire Xbox 360 hypervisor and bootloaders in C. I love to design hardware in Altium. I love history, science, psychology, business, and the French people. I use to play hockey, lacrosse, and sometimes I golf. I was a golf course caddy for 6 years. I am also interested in hardware reverse engineering, electronics design, product development, consulting, cryptography, side channel analysis, fault injection, semiconductor design and testing, and more!

The man in his prime